An invitation to write at "Programming Robots"

Write and help us build a community with high quality educational material

Today, Alex Young became the first contributor on “Programming Robots”. In his essay, Alex discusses his thoughts on the enormous possibilities of Anki robots Cozmo and Vector with suggested integrations with AR/VR and smart robots.

At “Programmable Robots” we are on a mission to educate people about the possibilities of software oriented home robots which can be programmed to accomplish many tasks as well as provide useful demonstrations of how industrial tasks could be performed in miniature home based settings. We intend to have high quality and well crafted articles on a variety of robotic technologies: Robot Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Real Time Operating Systems for robotic environments, Human Robot Interaction (HRI), just to name a few. We also intend to cover diverse robots, not just Cozmo, Vector, and Bittle.

We also wish to have contributors from a diverse audience: from researchers to practitioners, from teachers to students, and from professional to enthusiasts. So if you could pen a few words about something you could share about your experiences with robots, we will be delighted to have your essays here. All contributed material will be owned by you, and available for free on programmable robots. Please comment on this thread if you wish to contribute, and we will reach out to you.

We are also soliciting paid members who would like to support our cause. Building a community requires a lot of resources such as maintaining an organization domain, reviewing the latest robots, and generating tutorials. Your generous contributions would help this cause. For the next two days, we are having 60% OFF our recurring annual subscriptions forever your lifetime. If you can afford it, please do consider helping us with an annual contribution of $12. If you wish to pay in a currency of your choice, please reach out and we will help you. As an incentive, I have dropped a lot of of course material and tutorials for members. Please also share this post to otehr folks who might be interested.