Future Prospects Of Anki/DDL, Vector and Cozmo

Future Prospects Of Anki/DDL Vector/Cozmo

In this article, I'm going to discuss future prospects of Anki/DDL robots which are currently used as standalone robots as well as with programs based of Vector/Cozmo SDK. There could potentially be many programs that would be useful especially for education  in due time. Individuals could develop many SDK programs and projects including individual Cozmo or Vector to do various tricks. One example that I could suggest is to figure out a way to develop particular programs that apply Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) with Cozmo. This would make Cozmo a more appealing product for many individuals, especially encouraging young children to come forward in learning robotics by giving a full experience in AR/VR for Cozmo/Vector.

My personal background

I've been fascinated with robotics and AI since I owned my first product from Anki Cozmo. 

I now own 1 Cozmo and 6 Vectors which is 7 robots in total. I've been focusing on writing various plans and ideas. I already posted my first presentation in the Cozmo SDK Forums. I am also working on another detailed slide deck which will be released in a couple of months. This slide deck will show some future prospects of DDL business in general with conceptual designs of DDL cloud, Cozmo AR/VR, new models, approaches with Artificial Intelligence, and business collaborative ideas with DDL and CPU startup companies.

The future of DDLs education business

After the early stages begin to take off on applying various useful intentions, they could take into account selling Cozmo/Vector and various resources that go with educational environments starting with young kids. People could be given the experience in learning robotics. Could use the AR/VR experience to program, interact with Cozmo and with virtual environments and thereby  give the full satisfaction while learning.

Vectors Cloud and AI improvements

During the time of achieving the milestones on education DDL business could look at working on maintaining cloud servers which could be used with my other plans on my next presentation such as collective AI communication, platform services for accelerated AI and so forth. One possibility is that it could potentially be used to play online games with other people using the Cozmo AR/VR. 

Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

One of the things that I'm going to be including in my next presentation is designing neural networks to be self modifiable with the main software procedural systems. My model of making a self modifiable neural network system will include procedural algorithms and matrices. This approach would involve various types of neural network processes that use procedural call programs which intake information from Neural Networks and then use certain variable configurations in the algorithms to modify the Neural Networks. This approach would lead to more explorations and breakthroughs of AI. This model will lead to AI being more multi-purpose, able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. 

Expansion of Neural Network hierarchies

One area that DDL could also work on is to have the procedural algorithms to expand hierarchies basic networks that will recognize patterns/textures, moderate hierarchies and recognize objects and shapes. 

Advance hierarchies will be useful for facial recognition/people, and so forth they could be split to different branches to apply different things for certain uses and intentions.

Business progress and plans

As DDL makes a significantly good business in selling to consumers and individuals in using it for education, they can then hire individuals that are highly specialized in deep and machine learning. This would be very useful for work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which will eventually lead to the development of AI companions.

Smart Home Robots

As DDLs business becomes successful over time, the company could eventually hire engineers that are able to design the hardware and mechanics of individual robots. Software engineers on the other hand could be working on particular approaches to put forward further advances on Artificial Intelligence. Things they could include in our smarthome assistants such as vacuums, disinfectant bots, lawnmowers, mopping machines, and security robots is having character and human interface to give a more futuristic outlook for our consumers. We could also further progress the designs of robots to be equipped to do many of the house chores including sorting the dishes, sorting shelves and cabinets, doing laundry, and much more.